There seems to be a great misconception about self-care. Many associates the concept of self-care with bubble baths, chocolate, alcohol—indulgence.

However, self-care truly involves doing the things you don’t necessarily want to do, e.g. completing a workout, going to bed on time or waking up early, eating healthy instead of regularly consuming junk food, meditating rather than binge-watching television, etc., . . .

From my own personal experience, I know self-care isn’t always easy. It is more convenient to come up with an excuse to do what feels better at the moment. We often tell ourselves that we are entitled to do so. It is paramount to play that tape through and realize the consequences that your choice may have.

Will you be filled with guilt, or even feel entirely emotionally drained because you put something or someone else before yourself?

It is often said that most things that are worth doing are not easy, and while that rings fairly true, you have to recognize your worth. You deserve to take care of yourself. Your payoff will be much greater in the long run if you commit to yourself. This journey called life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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