Nikki Rodriguez MS LMHC

Integrating mental health counseling and yoga at Restorative Wellness Vero

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About Me

Many people avoid therapy due to the stereotype that is perpetuated in our society. The thought of someone judging and analyzing your every word and then telling you how you should be living your life frightens many.

I operate differently and believe that therapy is only successful if a strong relationship is built and fostered between therapist and client. I treat you, the person, not the diagnosis and recognize that you are the expert in your own life. I utilize a flexible approach, encouraging therapy to evolve as you do. Working alongside you, I will encourage and support you in achieving the goals you desire.

I am licensed in the state of Florida to provide mental health counseling. I am also a certified EMDR Therapist. I completed my undergraduate at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Liberal Studies specializing in behavioral and social sciences and education and minoring in criminal justice. Upon graduation, I spent the next six years teaching 4th grade in Fort Pierce, FL. Through my experience as a teacher, I realized that I wanted to help my students beyond their academics. Subsequently, I enrolled in Nova Southeastern University and completed the Master of Science program in counseling.

I have provided individual, family, and group therapy in a variety of settings. I strongly believe in the power of mindfulness meditation and incorporate it within my sessions when appropriate. I also utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques which assist my clients in identifying and challenging distorted thinking patterns. My approach is very direct yet compassionate. Reaching out and seeking therapy is not always an easy choice, and I admire the brave decision it takes to enter therapy. Therefore, I promise to honor your willingness by empathetically partnering in your journey to alignment.

Professional Experience:
• Licensed Mental Health Counselor – MH14487
• Certified EMDR therapist 
• Trained Feeling-State Addiction Protocol therapist
• Certificate training program in Maternal Mental Health
• Inpatient and intensive outpatient therapist at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility 

Restorative Wellness Vero

My practice is located within Restorative Wellness Vero. At Restorative Wellness Vero, we offer a variety of services including counseling, yoga, personal and small group training, and massage therapy.



Together, we will work together to address and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings, and thoughts resulting from life experiences. You will gain new insights and coping skills and work to change the behaviors and thoughts that are affecting your current functioning. I employ a flexible approach, encouraging therapy to evolve as you do. I work to help my clients to identify irrational thoughts and beliefs that are causing distress and then assists them to restructure their thoughts through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. I am a passionate Certified EMDR therapist and have witnessed its remarkable healing power with many clients. 

Some issues may include but are not limited to:
• Emotional Disturbance
• Anxiety
• Relationship and Family Issues
• Depression
• PTSD\Trauma
• Addiction and Recovery
• Self-Esteem
• Codependency
• Maternal Mental Health

EMDR Therapy

When a disturbing event happens, it is possible that the memory may get stored in the brain improperly resulting in feeling like the event is either going to happen again or re-occurring at this exact moment. If another event occurs that is triggering or similar, the brain is reminded of the initial event causing the brain to react as it did initially.

Through the use of EMDR, the memory is stored a in more functional part of the brain that recognizes the event as occurring in the past. After a memory is processed, it no longer elicits distressing feelings and thoughts. The memory is able to be recalled without distress, and the person is able to live in the present without the past interfering. 

A client’s personal account of their experience with EMDR:

“EMDR is a paradox. The mind tells you to be scared because it is still in protection mode, so to face the trauma seems like it would kill you to relive it when in fact the trauma itself is already killing you. The only true way to know what life should have been if the trauma never happened is to do the work (EMDR) and get the results to find one’s self and true happiness.” – JS

Links for EMDR...

To Lose Control
A short film that illustrates the healing power of EMDR

A Description of EMDR

A short YouTube video describing EMDR


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